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STREAMS Gateway is a data solution for traffic and transport enabling customers to easily access data feeds collected by Transmax’s ITS platform STREAMS. It is primarily a machine interface that enables other systems or applications to deliver functionality to end users. These systems and applications can be developed by data consumers, Transmax or third parties.

STREAMS Gateway is the only way to programmatically access STREAMS data. It offers customers the unique opportunity to access valuable data the way they want it. Customers can use this data to: gain high-level insights into the traffic network such as road use, traffic congestion and travel times; analyse the impact of incidents; have accurate information to inform decision making; facilitate real-time incident response; and integrate the data with other applications to improve network performance and provide enhanced services to customers.

Transmax offers customers a suite of product options for STREAMS Gateway and customers can choose an option that best suits their needs.

As a solution that improves the accessibility of STREAMS data, STREAMS Gateway facilitates: 

What is
STREAMS Gateway?

STREAMS Gateway is primarily a machine interface that exposes STREAMS data to enable other systems or applications to deliver functionality to end users.

These systems and applications can be developed by customers, Transmax or third parties. The platform is hosted in Transmax’s managed service environment and this environment supports the processes that are required to quickly deliver customer requests, can scale to meet any demand and is efficient to maintain.

Transmax offers customers a suite of three product options for STREAMS Gateway.

STREAMS Gateway Access

STREAMS Gateway Access enables road authorities to programmatically access data from their STREAMS systems via a suite of reliable, easy to consume APIs. Customers are provided with access to the full range of endpoint types and delivery mechanisms with some restrictions on the number of log endpoints or event feeds available. Customers can use data from STREAMS Gateway Access to power a light live application or to populate a data lake with aggregations.

STREAMS Gateway Extract

STREAMS Gateway Extract enables customers to build their own data lake by simplifying the process to extract accurate logs without having to reconstruct them from frequent polling of live data.

STREAMS Gateway Live

STREAMS Gateway Live enables customers to access live data to power customer/external applications that can display or respond to STREAMS data in real time.

Overview of STREAMS Gateway and how it can be used to deliver services to end users.

 |  Overview of STREAMS Gateway and how it can be used to deliver services to end users.

Real-time usage

STREAMS Gateway supports an ecosystem of systems and applications that require real-time data from STREAMS.
Customers, Transmax or third parties can use STREAMS Gateway’s real-time capabilities to:

Automate asset management workflows

Existing asset management systems can receive alerts from STREAMS Gateway when the status of a device changes or a new fault is detected. The availability of this information makes it easy to automate workflows like the creation of a new maintenance job.

Ingest STREAMS data into a corporate data platform

Large road authorities typically have their own corporate data platform which is maintained by a dedicated team. These teams can use the real-time capability of STREAMS Gateway to ingest raw data into their platform.

Include STREAMS data in a custom web dashboard

The STREAMS Gateway REST API can be called directly from custom dashboards to easily display STREAMS data.

Deliver information to the public via an application or website

STREAMS Gateway provides a modern interface that can be used either to retrieve data for republication or as a backend for publicly available applications.

Fuse or manipulate data for reuse in STREAMS

After consuming the raw data, algorithms can be used to create a new data source and this data can then be displayed within STREAMS Explorer using map layer extensibility.

data services 

  • Device Data 

  • Incident Data 

  • Algorithms Data 

  • GIS Data 

  • Traffic Data 

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